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Ductile iron pipes and all kinds of pipe material performance comparison table

by:XEX     2020-12-16
Ductile iron pipes and all kinds of pipe material performance comparison table of PCCP pipe is a kind of advanced technology of pipe, has both concrete pressure pipe of the advantages of good rigidity, durable anti-corrosion, and steel tube confined high, good security advantages, its structure is safe; PCCP pipe joint using the flexible joint, the sealing performance is good, no leakage phenomenon; Under normal operation, the tube will not tumor, water flow; According to the actual situation of pipeline, the design and production of various kinds of PCCP pipe fittings, satisfy the complex pipeline pipe installation; Good vibration resistance, can resist the earthquake damage of acceleration is 1 g; Its service life can be up to 60 years; Low cost of installation construction, low comprehensive cost, operation cost is low, the bottom of the maintenance costs etc. , especially suitable for sewage pipeline engineering, its shortcomings are big pipe weight. Prestressed reinforced concrete tube inner surface is not easy to scale, won't make water changes caused by water, water capacity can remain the same, interface connecting method for flexible sealing aprons, pipe quality is big, has the certain brittleness, afraid to touch, afraid to fall, the high cost of transportation, breakage, low price relative to other pipes. Ductile iron pipe ductile cast iron pipe has the advantage of long service life, high security; Pipe under pressure is higher; The rubber ring interface, flexible, good adaptability to foundation; The anticorrosion ability is steel pipe; There are standard parts, applicable to accessories and many branch pipe section. But ductile cast iron pipe weight is heavier, large diameter steel pipe price than the high. Drum steel pipe steel pipe generally choose of Q235B calm steel plate with high strength, pipes and pipe fittings are easy processing, tube factory short construction period, especially the complex terrain, generally USES steel pipe. But the rigidity of the steel tube is small, easy to deformation, lining and outside anti-corrosion requirements, as needed for cathodic protection, the construction process of composite welding workload is big, the underground water level is high, can adopt flexible interface of synthetic measures to overcome this difficulty, compared with the cement pressure pipe, cost is higher. Good durability of glass steel sand tube, with excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties, its service life can be up to 50 years, light weight, easy installation, the length is 12 meters/root, joint less, due to the influence of the production of raw materials and process, the product quality is not stable, and because the pipeline laying products affected by soil, backfill sand and gravel or sand stone, the high cost of construction, the price is higher, in practice, completed accidents appear suddenly and violently tube, etc. Polyethylene ( PE) Plastic pipe is high density polyethylene pipes, service life can be up to 50 years, health performance is good, pipe contains no toxic additives, pipe inner surface is smooth, no scaling, stable chemical performance, connection mode for the hot melt connection, low maintenance, have higher strength and flexibility, but the price is high, especially the price of the large diameter pipe is more outstanding. Pvc-u pipe ( UPVC) Water supply pipe with acid, alkali, not rust; Mechanical strength, easy construction, smooth wall, product non-toxic, does not produce scale, conform to the hygiene standards, because of the hard PVC tube ( UPVC) Water supply pipe, there is no large caliber products can only be used for water distribution network, cannot satisfy the large to
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