Ductile iron pipes anticorrosive processing

by:XEX     2021-03-27
Ductile iron pipes anticorrosive processing. 1. Bituminous paint coating bituminous paint coating is used for conveying gas pipeline. Before painting to preheat tube can improve the adhesion of asphalt paint, accelerate drying 2 cement mortar lining inside this particular coating is suitable for transporting sewage pipeline anticorrosion measures, can improve the corrosion resistance of lining. 3. Epoxy coal tar coating epoxy coal tar coating was applied to gas pipeline, can also be applied to sewage pipe. It is a kind of two-component coating, the coating has good adhesion and 4 very smooth surface. Epoxy ceramic lining of ceramic epoxy lining applied to sewage pipeline and gas pipeline, but due to the manufacturing process is difficult, the cost is high, so there are some limitations on use. Epoxy ceramic lined with high adhesion and bright and clean degree, is a kind of excellent corrosion resistant coating. 5. Aluminate cement and sulfate cement coating of these two kinds of special cement coating are suitable for sewage pipe with the ductile cast iron pipe corrosion protection, improve the erosion ability of resistance to acid-base components in sewage. 6. Polyurethane coating is a kind of special coating, coating a * * * * * * time xin er, is located in the big city in the middle of * * * * * * - Entrance of wuhan city west, hanchuan textile industrial park, is one of the professional manufacturer of ductile pipe fittings and spare parts. Company's main: hanland pipe fittings, ductile iron pipe fittings, ductile iron, nodular cast iron pipes, ductile iron manhole covers, etc. , welcome new and old users to choose.
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