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by:XEX     2021-02-05
Four: ductile iron pipe installation note 1, the pipe in the course of carriage, due to loading and unloading method, may cause the pipe socket ellipse, DN400 tube under cut can of elliptic part, use special tools to the whole garden is larger than 500 mm, and then the field of concrete lining repair, cement mortar ingredients ( Weight ratio) Is as follows: 2 3 2 copy of sand, cement, drinking water, 1 additives, fully mixing, cleaning up before repair to revamp float sand and sundry, then the water will be around here soaking; Be careful not to water, repair surface to smooth, covers the keeping in good health; 2, under the first tube groove by the tube socket centerline positioning toward in the direction of flow, according to the elevation of each tube inserted before after a GuanCheng mouth, tubular observe whether jack line is in place, reduce through the gaps in a tube to observe the interface, the minimum clearance shall be not less than 3 to 5 mm, starting from the second branch pipe installed along the pipe shaft axial direction on each side was a 2 t - 8 t taut leading chain, to ensure uniform interface gap, but also can solve meets the design for the slope downwards shift problem. Install straight segment does not allow the up and down or so with Angle, as a result of terrain must deflection Angle, DN1400mm can corner 1 below. More than 5 ~ 3 degrees, DN1600mm borrow the biggest Angle should not exceed 1 ball. 5 degrees; 3, installation of pipeline in the serpentine state cannot, if there is a requirement construction adjustment, to keep the line straight state; 4, aprons to store a cool airtight place; 5, pipe trench sand cushion to level off, are not allowed to have a larger local projection has been shipped to pursue good tubes to check whether there is dangling pipe phenomenon; 6, to check whether the pipe backfill shift, including up and down and around; 7, the requirement of backfill soil: the center line of the pipeline under every rise 200 mm distance to consolidate, soil compaction density is greater than 90%, above the center line of the pipeline once every 500 mm higher distance to consolidate, soil compaction density is greater than 85%, to someone who's in charge of backfill and supervision; 8, in case of special requirements, you can set aside the interface part, and play an intermediate to fully backfill to avoid pipe tube body in the process of floating and integral pressure testing mobile; 9, ductile pipe is not necessary to special selected backfill earth. But the part of the direct contact with the tube is the best choose sand or fine soil or sand of digging groove used for backfilling, the economy; 10, in the case of soft soil, it is better to sand backfill back to the center of the pipe diameter, and has a good effect. It is important to note that don't have installed tube produce sink; 11, groundwater will try to do, to avoid jaasiel blisters bogs, caused that the foundations of the softening of southern region construction is very important; 12, should be equal attention to both sides of the pipe and filling sand, the bottom of the tube should be fully surrounded by soil sand filling; 13, if the new connection pipe is not fully charged or backfill, the ditch water may make it floating. The ditch water could be groundwater or rain. Five: the design requirements of ductile iron pipes, pipeline embedment depth should according to the degree of freezing, external load and other factors such as pipeline crossing. In general, buried depth below the frost line 0. 2 meters, and in accordance with the following conditions: when the pipe diameter greater than 100 mm, tube top minimum buried deeply 1. 20 meters. 2, design normally groove bottom width and tube diameter 0. 5 meters, and according to the soil condition, to determine the excavation slope ( i) , draw the groove section. 3, ductile iron pipes and other pipes, uniform flow of frictional head loss for hf = lambda/dv2/2 g, the difference is only 'lambda' ( Hydraulic friction coefficient) , the head loss can be calculated on the original cast iron pipe and local resistance loss. Six: ductile cast pipe cleaning method will first first aprons on adhesive content clear clean, bend the aprons as 'plum flower form' or '8' figure into the socket, groove along the entire aprons with the hand press it again, or use the rubber hammer to hit solid, ensure that each part of synthetic don't become warped twisting, evenly card in the slot again lubricant evenly besmear to brush the inner surface of synthetic installed in the socket, socket to be outside the pin surface coating lubricant when outside line socket parts all brush divide evenly. The pipe should be according to the requirement of the pipe under the next to drain, usually using artificial pipe under the law or mechanical method.
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