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by:XEX     2021-02-06
A, nodular cast iron drain performance test of high strength work, can withstand the impact of a certain strength. Service life, easy to corrosion, the longest life of 20 years safety performance: easy corrosion, sealing performance is poor, easy, difficult to dark apply construction, pipe wall is rough, easy to jam. Noise: drainage noise is relatively low. Operation: the socket type or clamp, complicated construction comprehensive cost: is higher. Material price is relatively high. Construction is a complex, artificial cost is higher. Second, the ductile iron pipes of high chromium cast iron heat treatment 1. Ductile iron pipes due to its high chromium products high chromium cast iron annealing as-cast hardness is higher, to improve the performance of workpiece machining, all blank must be necessary to soften annealing treatment. Specific process 1 to wall thickness is not more than 100 mm and complicated shape casting as an example) As follows. Will first need to deal with the workpiece at room temperature in heat treatment furnace, and then slowly along with the furnace heat insulation to about 400 ℃ for 1 ~ 2 h, then the temperature rise to 600 ℃ for thermal insulation and 1 ~ 2 h, after no more than 150 ℃ / h speed of temperature rise, the furnace temperature quickly rose to 950 ℃ for 2 ~ 3 h after heat preservation, and then stop heating, after temperature down to about 820 ℃, then can control electric furnace with 10 ~ 15 ℃ temperature drop speed/h will furnace temperature dropped to 700 ~ 720 ℃, and the temperature insulation 4 ~ 6 h ( Workpiece thickness of the heat preservation time should be longer and longer) After boiler stop, workpiece visible on the furnace cooling or out in the still air cooling to room temperature ( For pearlite matrix, meet the performance requirements for machining) 。 Nodular cast iron tube of high chromium cast iron in concrete production, if the processing workpiece shape is relatively simple, relatively rapid annealing process may be adopted, namely the temperature to 950 ℃ and heat preservation boiler stop after 3 h, after with the furnace cooled to about 400 ℃, and then open the oven door, continue to cool to below 300 ℃, the workpiece can be released air cooling. Nodular cast iron pipe annealing can be carried out after the high chromium cast iron workpiece machining, because of the high chromium white cast iron during quenching size much smaller than cast steel and gray cast iron, generally do not need to correct size, to obtain of grinding workpiece according to the technological requirements of the grinding quantity also can be a small three, ductile iron pipe properties of high chromium alloy cast iron ( 1) Ductile iron pipes high chromium alloy cast iron when its properties in the as-cast hardness is 50 ~ 54 HRC, is 38 ~ 43 HRC after annealing, quenching after is 60 ~ 67 HRC. Hardness changes over carbon content, good toughness and hardness is low, when low carbon is suitable for the occasion of impact load is larger; High carbon is also slightly higher hardness, suitable for the occasion of impact load is small, showing good abrasion resistance. ( 2) The density of high chromium white cast iron as 7. 6 ~ 7. 7克/立方厘米。 ( 3) Its line shrinkage rate of 1. 8% ~ 2. 0%, the volume shrinkage ratio 7. 5% ~ 8. Liquidity 0%, at 1400 ℃ for 300 ~ 500 mm. Ductile iron pipes high chromium alloy cast iron epilogue ( 1) According to the characteristics of the high chromium cast iron, establishing reasonable melting process, to meet the requirements of the matrix organization. ( 2) Heat treatment is necessary means to obtain qualified high chromium cast iron, therefore make the reasonable heat treatment process is very important.
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