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by:XEX     2021-03-24
Four, what is the result of the molten iron spheroidization is unqualified? Molten iron spheroidization is unqualified, will become flake or vermicular graphite, spheroidizing recession, pipe become fragile brittle, the strength and the elongation rate fell sharply, can not meet the prescribed standards of mechanical performance requirements, all waste. Five, the main control in the process of casting molding or project quality testing? How to detect? Casting forming process is mainly detection: wall thickness, surface quality and the weight of pipe. Wall thickness by the inspector visual. Mainly by observing the as-cast bulb color change, step thick wall thickness uniformity. Normal should be uniform dark red color, if the shiny red ( Shows that wall thickness thicker) And handlers need to adjust the parameters; If the local black pipe shaft ( Indicate with thin wall thickness) , shall be sentenced to waste. Surface quality by qc inspector visual. Main testing cold insulation, double skin, obvious casting defects such as porosity. In the first place at the top of the pipe the car reached orbit, the electronic weighing and displayed on the console, convenience of operation personnel to correct casting parameters, ensure the pipe weight. Second after socket cores for cleaning before entering the annealing furnace once again by the electronic weighing, testing the pipe net weight and the weight is not up to standard of waste. Six, the ball for the pipe annealing? Annealing is unqualified what are the consequences? Annealing furnace is divided into heating, heat preservation, fast, slow cooling four stages, the company adopts the annealing method for high temperature continuous horizontal ( The blast furnace exhaust) Annealing. Water-cooled metal mold centrifugal ductile iron pipe, due to the production process of the outer wall of pipe die water quenching, make the pipe into white, elongation rate is less than 3%, in order to improve the toughness of the tube and the elongation, ensure pipe mechanical properties, must be annealing treatment on the tube. If annealing is unqualified, is divided into two situations: one kind is spheroidizing qualified, due to the low annealing temperature and annealing chain speed too fast, make the bulb base organization transformation is not sufficient, in this case, the new secondary annealing, resample for metallographic analysis and mechanical performance testing; The second is spheroidizing is unqualified, sentenced to scrap directly. Spraying zinc processing pipe, why? Zinc spray protection principle is what? What is standard of the quality of spraying zinc? Pipe by spraying zinc processing mainly to enhance anti-corrosion performance, my company the production of ductile pipes all galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. Potential of iron is 0. 440 mv, and potential of zinc is 0. The low voltage of 763 mv, than iron, oxygen potential to 1. 4mV。 The zinc oxide the potential difference between the larger, more likely to form a galvanic cell, which will cast iron pipe wall are protected. In the process of contact with the soil environment, materials such as metal zinc carbonate in soil combined into insoluble zinc carbonate, this layer of protective film tightly bonding on the wall, form a layer of dense continuous, insoluble and leakage of the coating. Coating on the zinc layer of asphalt paint also has an important role, can promote the dissolution of zinc layer into a stable and zinc salts. In the process of pipeline transportation and installation, local damage may occur. Under the action of zinc in the galvanic cell quickly into zinc ions. Zinc ions migration of the role of sealing the pores through the asphalt layer and cover damage, forming stable and insoluble zinc layer protection. Experiments show that zinc spray 130 g / ㎡ of nodular cast iron tube life 100% higher than that of no zinc spraying pipe, spray zinc 200 g / ㎡ than galvanized pipe for improvement of the life of 165%. Zinc spray execution ISO8179 quality standard 130 g/m2, any point not less than 110 g/m2. By adjusting the car spraying zinc and wire feeding wheel walking speed and quality of zinc spray nozzle distance control.
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