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by:XEX     2021-03-25
Eight, how to detect the thickness of the zinc, how to ensure the quality of spraying zinc? To detect the thickness of the zinc spraying method is: take a standard sample with wire tied to the spray ductile pipe, by measuring the sample weight difference before and after spraying zinc, to calculate the weight of unit area. And scale and standard area of zinc weight ratio, adjust spraying zinc parameters according to the difference in value again, ensure the spraying zinc standards. Nine, pipe ellipse come about? How to prevent the pipe ellipse? Pipe die not to install the pipe die with centrifugal shaft concentricity exceeded the prescribed requirements ( DN80— 300 mm≤0。 3毫米; DN350 - 800≤0. 5毫米) , casting pipe will produce wall thickness difference, so cast iron pipe in front of the annealing furnace cooling or annealing process can produce ellipse, annealing temperature and the improper collocation can also cause the elliptical pipe chain speed. Precaution: (1) DN80 - 300 mm centrifuge roller diameter jump value less than 0. 1 mm, the pipe die roller diameter less than 0. 3毫米; DN350 - 800 mm centrifuge roller diameter jump value less than 0. 15 mm, the pipe die roller diameter less than 0. 5mm。 DN350 - 800 mm pipe die and centrifuge shaft concentricity is less than 0. 5mm。 Form a habit of heat pipe charging, avoid ellipse on cooling. (3) annealing at high temperature chain speed should be faster. (4) in order to prevent the pipe ellipse during storage and requirements for DN700, DN800 ball tube increase wood in the socket. What is meant by ten, pipe can be cut? In the outer wall of pipe shaft with what symbol logo? The pipe can be cut on behalf of the bulb in the actual use, can according to the need for cutting, without affecting the installation kit. The standard provisions of the state can be cutting length is from pin 4 meters. More than 12 below 100% can be cut, DN350 shear ratio is 10%. Its meaning for the products, 10% of the pipe can be cut for the required. Can cut logo is: outside the pipe shaft wall socket in spray a pair of scissors. 11, what is the method of cement coating line? What is action? Cement coating line adopts the centrifugal coating line. The role of the cement paint line: one, internal corrosion, long service life. Second, the cement lining inside sleek reduce water resistance, prevent secondary pollution of water quality. Twelve, lining concrete using label? Silicate, sulfate resistance, what is the difference between high alumina cement? The ball lined by use of more than 525 # cement. Portland cement is suitable for conveying water or clean water. Sulfate resistant cement is suitable for conveying water of high salinity. High alumina cement is applicable to transport corrosive substances more sewage.
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