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by:XEX     2021-03-24
13, long pipe effectively is to point to? The effective length of the pipe is refers to in addition to the length of the actual use of outlets. 14, the outside wall of ductile 'dot' come about? The inner wall of the pipe die to make many small pits in advance, is for the sake of spraying pipe die powder. The role of the pipe die powder lies in centrifugal castings' target='_blank'>casting, the bulb can dial from pipe die after cooling contraction, while eliminating casting pipe outer surface porosity, pore. Pipe die powder occupy these small pits, the ball after casting pipe, pipe shaft walls to form many small 'points'. Another effect is that, through the pipe die rbis, can eliminate the internal stress of the pipe die production process, extend the life of the pipe die. 15, ductile iron pipe production standards have those? Our company now by what standard? Ductile iron pipe production standards: ISO2531 or GB/T13295 / EN545 / EN598 AWWAC151 / KSD4311 execution: my company ISO2531 or GB/T13295 / EN545 / EN598 16, GB/T13295 - With the international standard ISO2531-2008 1998 what is the relationship? GB∕T13295 - Is ISO2531-2008 1998 of the modified version. The main technical indicators are in line, just increase the pipe socket size, easy to manufacture, increasing the weight of the pipe, to facilitate business settlement. Increase the surface quality inspection, etc. 17, pipe storage and transportation of protective measures have? The ball tube requirements in accordance with the relevant provisions when stored in a number of ( Limit crib width) And the layer number ( Limit pile height) Piled up, and the adjacent two layers of the tube, and must ensure that the socket from the wrong. Is to ensure that the pipe in the store, not due to compression deformation or damage. Large diameter pipe, when stored in need at the tube socket, increase batten, prevent caused by gravity or pressure ellipse. Transportation link between each other in all package type tube, pipe, between the pipe and the floor between car and all the sticks or grass stick in isolation protection. 18, bulb K9 grade is what mean? There are other grades of bulb? The bulb K9 level coefficient on behalf of pipe wall thickness. Level.
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