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by:XEX     2021-03-25
A, what is the ductile iron? What is a ductile cast pipe? Ductile iron is the content of silicon in 0. 6 to 1. Low phosphorus (between 4 ≤0. 08%) , low sulphur ( ≤0. 045%) And low titanium ( ≤0. 08%) The pig iron. Ductile iron in intermediate frequency furnace rises to a certain temperature, and in proportion to join the scrap carbon reduction, to join the silicon ferrosilicon, then carries on the spheroidizing, centrifuge flange, make it end socket or the inner hole even, casting axis in a straight line. Second, the chemical element content of how to affect the quality of the ductile iron? Low carbon: fossil ball ink is not good. High: easy generation graphite floating low silicon: spheroidizing recession, annealing performance weakened. High: it's easier to produce manganese silicon brittleness and harmful substances, high elongation decreases. High sulfur is lower, the better, bad will spheroidizing, spheroidizing decay phosphorus is lower, the better, caused by high phosphorus eutectic, elongation rate fell sharply. Three, nodulizing grade and size of graphite on pipes what effect is there? Spheroidizing is the function of the precipitation in the solidification process of molten iron by flake graphite into a ball. By promoting the formation of the spheroidal graphite, increase the roundness of the graphite and quantity, so as to improve the plasticity and toughness of ductile pipe, improve the mechanical properties of ductile pipe. After spheroidizing iron liquid contained in the roundness of the graphite spheroidal deviation. The higher the roundness of the graphite graphite higher grades ( General control in 6 - 8) , the higher the nodulizing grade also ( General control in 1 - Level 3, spheroidization rate greater than 80%) , the ball physics performance better.
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