Ductile iron pipes are common problems

by:XEX     2021-03-24
What is the function of ductile pipe chamfering? Standards of various specifications of chamfering value is how much? Chamfering role is primarily to facilitate engineering installation, jack can smoothly into the socket. Standard of value, respectively is: DN100 - 12 9 mm in length, depth of 3 mm DN400 - DN600 12 mm length, depth of 5 mm DN700 - DN800 15 mm in length, depth of 5 mm socket with what method for corrosion protection? Socket after polishing, besmear brushs zinc content not less than 85% of the zinc coating. How much is the ductile pipe wall thickness of the regulation? Standard ductile pipe wall thickness is calculated on a function of nominal diameter: e = k [ 0. 5 + 0. 001DN] Type: in e - The standard wall thickness mm k - Level of wall thickness coefficient, average of 9 DN - What is the method of nominal diameter mm cement coating line? What is action? Cement coating line adopts the centrifugal coating line. The role of the cement paint line: one, internal corrosion, long service life. Second, the cement lining inside sleek reduce water resistance, prevent secondary pollution of water quality. What is coated lining thickness of various specifications? How to detect with the thickness of the lining? Specifications at some point the minimum thickness of mm DN80 - - DN300 3 2 DN350 - DN600 5 3 DN700 - DN1200 6 3。 5 DN1400 - DN2000 9 6 DN2200 - DN2600 December 7 new coating line of mortar in a steel needle, in at least 200 mm away from the port within the interval of 90 ° measuring four points.
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