Ductile iron pipes are correct the best way to avoid defects

by:XEX     2020-12-04
Ductile iron pipes are correct the best way to avoid defects in ductile cast iron pipe error processing, some manufacturers use besmear brushs paint to prevent, get a good result, but still you will be presented with the casting sand inclusion, sand holes. Because of gate besmear brushs paint more hard and difficult. 2 is in the process of casting high pouring temperature, erosion, coating in the scour and under high temperature and soaked it is easy to fall off. Caused the sand inclusion sand holes. Has been a lot of casting factory attaches great importance to runner. Neglect of sprue in the process of casting wall. Thus led to the sand casting sand holes. 1, improve casting yield, improve castings quality, reduce the total cost of castings. 2, using the casting gate earthenware pipe, the product easy to use, has a smooth flow, resistance to molten iron, molten steel scouring, no absorption of liquid steel, can be saw is good wait for a characteristic, can simplify the modeling process, eliminating gate on the inside of the hard work of paint, and to improve the pouring system arrangement, avoid the casting sand washing, sand holes, sand defects. Have contributed significantly to improve casting quality and the yield of the casting, especially in self hardening foundry modelling, characteristics is more outstanding. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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