Ductile iron pipes are related - - PPPE tube

by:XEX     2021-04-14
Ductile iron pipes are related - - PPPE pipe under the condition of equal pressure, PPPE tube wall thickness of pipes and pipe fittings than pp-r pipe ( Ⅲ type polypropylene, namely random copolymerization polypropylene) The wall thickness is smaller, and the diameter, the size, the more so PPPE pipe price is pp-r pipe is low. According to the measuring PPPE pipe engineering cost about 80% less than of pp-r pipe. Of the specifications of the currently available for DN15 - (( Excluding DN32) Five, the sizes is the same as the hot dip galvanized steel pipe PPPE pp-r -c or PP and HDPE as main materials, synthetic materials such as a certain amount of chemical fertilizer, after extrusion forming of plastic tubing. It is reported that [ 16] , this kind of pipe wide applicable temperature range ( -25-95℃) , high pressure, Nominal pressure of 20 mpa) , not only can like PE pipe, PB, modified polypropylene ( PP-R,PP-C) Such pipe for hot melt connection ( Have dedicated PPPE tube supporting hot-melt pipe) , but also like hot dip galvanized steel pipe tool set with ordinary set of silk silk at the scene, using pipe threaded connection with internal thread.
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