Ductile iron pipes are the difference between stupidity and ordinary steel pipe is not clear?

by:XEX     2021-02-07
Production technology of ductile cast iron pipe is in ordinary cast iron pipe raw material adding magnesium, calcium, alkaline earth metal or rare metal. Ductile iron pipes are compared with ordinary cast iron pipe, there is a big difference, ductile iron pipe manufacturers to summarize the following points for you, hope to be able to help you. Ductile iron pipes as the ordinary corrosion resistance of cast iron pipe, but also has high strength, good toughness, wall thin, light weight, impact resistance, bending performance, easy installation, etc. Ductile iron pipes, therefore, not only has been widely used in foreign countries, and also got very good promotion and application in our country. In many areas in our country, ductile cast iron pipe, small diameter of has been widely used in water supply pipe; Performance comparison: ductile iron pipe and steel pipe steel can be divided into seamless steel pipes and seamless steel pipe, water pipe in the tank using slotted tube in general. Compared with nodular cast iron pipe, steel pipe has good toughness and high tensile strength, thin wall, high pressure resistance, long pipes, less joints, etc. The disadvantage of poor corrosion resistance, the price is expensive. Under the general condition, therefore, in addition to the small diameter pipe and special projects, such as pipe jacking, ductile iron pipe and the performance of the prestressed reinforced concrete pipe comparison: ductile iron pipes and prestressed reinforced concrete pipe ( Suitable for large diameter pipes, diameter of more than 2000 & amp; 41. , has the following features: energy saving, the main material for sand and gravel. Weight is heavy, and the quality of a material is fragile, cutting and construction difficulty. Working pressure is lower than ductile pipe 0. 15 ~ 0. 25 mpa, reduced by 20% ~ 40%. Angle 1. 5 degrees, ductile iron pipes up to 3. 0 degrees, prestressed reinforced concrete pipe terrain adaptability is poor.
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