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Ductile iron pipes before installation need to know

by:XEX     2020-12-12
Ductile iron pipe before installation need to know about matters of the following is the preparing work before the installation of nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe fittings: complete basic engineering design and complete the following work. The basic line of elevation lines has been labeled and benchmark. Composite foundation, pile foundation and other units detection qualified, foundation treatment scheme documents of approval shall be required. For construction engineering quality inspection after completion of the foundation engineering, confirmed that engineering quality conform to the relevant laws, regulations and the mandatory project construction standards and meet the requirements of the design documents and shall be the responsibility of the project manager and construction units of construction project audit quality (the respect of the construction unit of the front Basis) The report. Foundation engineering quality evaluation to monitor unit, complete supervision data, and put forward the general supervision engineer and supervision based on tianjin construction engineering acceptance supervision and audit evaluation report, head of relevant units; In the investigation of survey and design unit, design documents and construction design change notice signed by the design unit, and put forward by engineering investigation, design director and is responsible for investigating, in terms of the quality inspection report review, design unit, the survey unit engineering quality inspection report, design unit engineering quality inspection report. A complete technical documents and construction management data, and meet the requirements of the quality of data archiving of construction engineering quality supervision and management; Construction quality surveillance area planning and construction bureau and its entrusted area shall be ordered to make correction, to complete. Keyword: ductile iron pipe fittings article source: http://www. hbtszz。 com/
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