Ductile iron pipes common casting defects and the prevention measures

by:XEX     2021-03-25
In ductile iron production, in addition to produce general defects, also has some defects, common have bad spheroidizing, graphite floating and spheroidizing recession, shrinkage, subcutaneous blowhole, slag, etc. A, spheroidizing and spheroidizing decay 1, spheroidizing bad spheroidizing treatment failed to meet the requirements of nodulizing grade. ( 1) Characteristics on the silver fracture distribution is visible to the naked eye black spots. And black spots, large diameter, more show spheroidizing bad degree is more serious. In observing the microstructure, in addition to the spheroidal graphite, there are a lot of thick flake graphite. This may cause the indexes stipulated in the mechanical properties of short of brand and make the casting scrap ( 2) Reason is mainly because the original high sulphur content in molten iron or iron liquid serious oxidation; Spheroidizing elements residues ( Nodularizer enough to join, nodularizer enough or serious segregation of magnesium content, iron liquid temperature, processing nodularizer loss amount is larger; Or low processing temperature, nodularizer bond in the bottom of the bag, etc. ) ; There are interference elements in liquid iron and so on. ( 3) Corresponding prevention measures can be taken to prevent measures, if furnace check found before, if furnace check after spheroidizing bad before, should be dealt with in a timely manner to the bags adding proper nodularizer.
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