Ductile iron pipes composition of parsing:

by:XEX     2020-11-26
Ductile iron pipes composition analysis: ( 1) The composition of nodularizer are inaccurate. ( 2) Nodularizer pulverization of alloy particle size don't meet requirement. ( 3) Nodularizer density fluctuations, some nodularizer rise faster, response was so fierce, safety guaranteed. ( 4) High content of MgO style, spheroidizing, large amount of nodularizer to join. ( 5) After spheroidizing recession faster. Nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron and ordinary cast iron containing graphite monomers, that is to say is a combination of iron and graphite cast iron. There is flake graphite of ordinary cast iron, the strength of the graphite is very low, so the equivalent of iron sheet, the gap in the so ordinary cast iron intensity is lower, brittle. The graphite graphite cast iron is spherical, is equivalent to cast iron ball in the gap. The influence of the strength of cast iron ball gap is far smaller than plate gap, so the strength of ductile iron pipes than ordinary cast iron with high intensity. Will the nodular cast iron GuanCheng mouths all debris removal is swabbed clean. Chain reaction caused the heat oxidation, and accelerate it, it has much effect on the oxidation. Ductile iron pipe rubber products regardless of external heat or because of continuous deformation causes the internal temperature, has an effect on its aging. In general, the temperature of each ten degrees, the oxidation of the ductile iron pipes aprons about double speed, when the temperature reached one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius, oxidation rate is quite rapid, such as rubber products at one hundred degrees Celsius the oxidation speed of at least 256 times at 20 degrees Celsius. So at room temperature ductile iron pipes rubber ring products can use a few years, in 100 - Under 200 degrees Celsius, months or even a few days to lose elasticity and strength. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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