Ductile iron pipes definition and the advantages and disadvantages

by:XEX     2021-02-02
Definition: ductile iron pipe is the use of ductile iron casting pipes. As external corrosion forms, and in the production process has been completed, no construction after installation for anticorrosion treatment, it has become common practice of ductile iron pipe manufacturers at home and abroad, anti-corrosion effect is also very obvious, normal service life of the pipeline can be longer. We are now using ductile pipe casting method is by pouring liquid ductile iron by device into the mold of the high speed rotating, rely on centrifugal molding and solidification. By centrifugal casting process to nodular cast iron as raw material to produce the pipes, we will call it a centrifugal ductile iron pipe. Ductile iron pipes generally large diameter, wall thickness, brittle, low intensity, low price, is the economy of water supply pipe, the normal service life of 20 ~ 25 years. Advantages: in the low pressure pipe, ductile iron pipe is safe and reliable operation, low breakage rate, convenient construction and maintenance, quick, anti-corrosion performance, etc. Faults: ductile iron pipes even to accept a greater influence on the human factors such as operating level, the sense of responsibility, construction convenient than PE pipe.
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