Ductile iron pipes - - Ductile iron slag

by:XEX     2020-12-18
Ductile iron pipes - - Ductile iron slag ( 1) Features appear on the castings' target='_blank'>casting surface and core under surface and corner, section black matt, two-tone inclusions, discontinuous distribution. Slag inclusion defects can make the mechanical properties, density is lower. ( 2) Causes mainly magnesium rare-earth nodulizing agent and there is a lot of sulfur, oxygen reactions in liquid iron formation of slag without grilled net in time; The spheroidizing treatment of iron liquid in transportation, subcontract, pouring and iron liquid flow in the process, the secondary oxidation of iron liquid, oxide film formed in the broken involved in mold slag. ( 4) Prevention measures 1) When guarantee spheroidizing, as far as possible to reduce the toll of iron liquid magnesium residues, reduce the original of sulfur, oxygen content in liquid iron, can reduce the oxidation slag; 2) Control the appropriate WRE residual = 0. 02 ~ 0. 04%, can reduce the formation of magnesium oxide film of QT temperature; 3) Iron on the surface of the liquid slag removal of clean, as may be necessary to liquid iron surface with cryolite ( About 0. 3%) ; 4) Gating system design should guarantee the smooth filling, improve the ability of slag. Other defects: the white, white and black spot defects.
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