Ductile iron pipes - - Ductile iron spheroidizing recession

by:XEX     2020-12-18
Ductile iron pipes - - Nodular cast iron ball recession ( 1) Same characteristics with spheroidizing bad. In ductile iron, sometimes encountered this kind of situation, the spheroidizing the same package liquid iron and pouring casting spheroidizing is good, the first and then pouring spheroidizing bad; Or furnace inspection before spheroidizing is good, but bad castings appear on the spheroidizing. It shows that after treatment of iron liquid, stay in a certain period of time, after spheroidizing effect will disappear. And when the original iron liquid, the higher the sulfur content in lower residual magnesium content, package volume of molten iron in the youth, the spheroidizing recession phenomenon more serious. ( 2) Reasons are mainly the residue amount of magnesium and rare earth iron liquid to reduce gradually, with the extension of time when reduced to is not enough to guarantee the spheroidizing, flake graphite transition from globular to regiment, thick sheet, serious it could become a flake. Inadequate grilled slag, iron liquid cover is bad, the transport of iron liquid, stirring, magnesium nodulizing elements gathered in the process of land to rise to escape by oxidation, etc. ( 3) Prevention measures should be reduced as far as possible the original molten iron containing sulfur, oxygen, temperature is controlled properly, pay attention to the net grilled slag after add plant ash, ice crystal powder under cover of liquid iron surface, such as to isolate the air. To speed up the casting speed, reduce land, transportation and residence time. Had better choose long-term nodulizing agent (a recession-proof capacity Such as yttrium base heavy rare and magnesium nodulizing agent, etc. ) And, if necessary, can be appropriately increase nodularizer addition amount, in order to prevent a recession.
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