Ductile iron pipes - - Feed pipe technology ( The on-site inspection of pipe and accessories)

by:XEX     2020-12-18
Ductile iron pipes - - Feed pipe technology ( The on-site inspection of pipe and accessories) ( 1) Steel pipe: 1) Surface should be no cracks, deformation, unequal wall thickness. 2) Check whether there is any deformation on the straight tube section, whether with vertical pipe shaft. 3) Play whether rust inside and outside, every corroded pipe, before installation should be rust removal, brush anti-rust paint. 4) Galvanized pipe of zinc layer is complete. ( 2) Plastic pipe: 1) Plastic pipe, pipe should be factory name, date of production, job stress, such as tags, and have the factory certificate. 2) Pipes, fittings, adhesive, plastic pipe, the product should be the same manufacturer. 3) Walls should be smooth, flat, there is no air bubbles, cracks, sag, defects such as uneven color. The preparing work before installation engineering before construction, we should carefully understand construction drawings and related documents, find out the original building facilities, public pipeline and construction site environment and conditions, formulate the construction plan. 1, the on-site inspection of pipe and accessories ( 1) Water supply cast iron pipe: 1) Cast iron pipe, and the state key should comply with the design requirements of the relevant standards, and has the certificate of approval. 2) Play for clean inside and outside, can not have crack, sand holes, bruised. Check available small hammer knock gently nozzle, play, voice hoarse with cracks, the cracked pipes shall not be used. 3) Inside the socket, socket end with burr, sand and asphalt should be cleared away. 4) Cast iron pipe outer surface layer of paint should be complete is bright and clean, attached firmly.
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