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Ductile iron pipes grey cast iron chain wheel inner hole design

by:XEX     2020-12-03
In order to improve the rigidity of hollow core, can use wet sand or sodium silicate sand filling, ductile iron pipes; Shell core will also be done in half, its internal set stiffeners, core making glue after hard sand core can be obtained. Iron liquid temperature and inner quality of grey cast iron chain wheel have important influence, such as the quality of grey cast iron parts, and the relationship with liquid iron temperature is made manifest. In ductile iron production, melting out of the temperature of molten iron and sulphur content in the original as nodularization and inoculation ever successful prerequisite. For any kind of special cast iron nodular cast iron pipe, the first is requires a certain performance, such as wear-resistant, heat-resistant, etc. But because it is used to make the machine parts, just need to make sure that there is a certain mechanical properties, mainly is the strength and plasticity, therefore needs on the chemical composition of grey cast iron design, consider and satisfy the use of specific performance and the requirement of the mechanical properties of these two aspects. With the high-speed development of national economy, nodular cast iron pipe casting industry in China has ushered in the unprecedented good opportunity, China has gradually become one of the fastest growing steel castings. Especially in recent years, rapid growth in manufacturing, China's steel castings has been completely developed into a competitive industry, international influence is also improved. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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