Ductile iron pipes how old pipeline renovation project

by:XEX     2020-12-12
Ductile iron pipes how old pipeline renovation project of ductile cast iron pipe fittings how old pipeline renovation project and program thinking from nodular cast iron pipe, underground water supply pipe network transformation, are usually built in path reconstruction time. About the old pipeline with protection against the primary funnelled through leak detection. But buried in the ground water pipes, fail to grasp more conditions. Together, because the water pipe to the journey part equipment, usually, as long as the detected funnelled talents passively for excavation work after treatment. About old pipeline, such as the special status, usually hard to automatically excavation repair or replacement. Such work is more a reform in the journey time. Learned, when laying underground water pipe, the ductile cast iron pipe pipe between the top 20 cm below the area, relatively soft demand of backfill soil, not mixed large rocks and debris, and it is necessary to adopt artificial backfill, shall not use the machine work. In the construction of ductile cast iron pipe works before construction, construction units and construction and installation construction company shall ascertain from water supply part underground water supply network and equipment situation. Together, any units and their own private lines set the secondary water supply or other pressure equipment. Such as violation of these rules, water administrative legal part can be based on the urban water supply law shall be given administrative punishment. These characteristics of inductive corresponding on the basis of the status of the mall and also affect nodular cast iron pipe quotation. About our sale, also will be a time to play.
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