Ductile iron pipes in the application of engineering construction have?

by:XEX     2021-02-07
Ductile iron pipes in the application of engineering construction have? Ductile iron pipe is a new kind of steel tube cohesion, has many advantages. Active water saving system planning and specification, system should choose the groove cohesion of pipeline or thread, flange connection; System is equal to or greater than 100 mm diameter pipes, should be segmented choose flange or the groove a cohesion. Now the nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe manufacturer of construction method is introduced in detail as follows. A, ductile iron pipe process prepare a roll groove opening device, mechanical tee, four-way test a plumbing system. Second, ductile cast iron pipe device to prepare 1. Check the tapping machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, ensure safe use. 2. Materials, tools, preparation, including pipes, steel tape, wrench, vernier caliper, level, lubricants, wooden hammer, scaffolding, etc. 3. According to the plan request installed for steam-water pipes of. Three, ductile iron pipe roll slot 1. Use cutter to cut the length of the steel pipe according to the demand, with a level to check the cutting section, ensure the cutting section and straight steel tube axis. Cut off if have burrs, use grinder grinding lubrication. 2. Will demand processing groove of steel pipe erection in channeling machine and channeling the tail frame, with copy flat level, make the steel pipe in a horizontal position. 3. Will steel pipe processing end section close to the roll groove machine, straight steel tube axis and the wheel surface. 4. Press down slowly. Jack, make the pressure on the wheel with steel tube, to start the rolling machine, the roller rolling for a week, at the moment to investigate steel pipe section is still with channeling machine tiejin, if not against, the pipe should be adjusted to level. If already tiejin, slowly down jack, uniform pressure on the wheel rolling steel pipe to stop booking groove depth. 5. Downtime, use vernier caliper to check the groove depth and width, confirm with specification request, will jack unloading, remove the steel pipe. Fourth, ductile cast iron pipe opening. Mechanical tee, four-way 1. In steel tube on chalk line, conclude that joint branch opening position. 。 2. Chain tapping machine fixed reservation hole azimuth in the steel pipe. 3. Started the motor, the scroll wheel, bit slowly close to the steel pipe, at the same time in the open hole drill add lubricant, to protect drill bits, end hole on the steel pipe. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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