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by:XEX     2021-02-06
A lot of people know the application of ductile iron pipes in all walks of life is very common, but many people don't know how to install collars in the ductile iron pipe fittings. The nodular cast iron store is about the installation process of rubber ring with you! Rubber ring is installed in accordance with the manufacturer to provide the installation process of installation, the installation of socket before cleaning, bell mouth clean and clean dishcloth with brush inside the socket, especially the position of the rubber sealing ring, can not be stained with paint, soil, sand and other residue. Cleaning and lubrication aprons and the socket, socket smooth edge, put the rubber ring in the ductile iron GuanCheng mouth check, and then use special lubricant. In the elbow, reducer, tee parts supply using T check according to the requirement to take off the rubber ring. Installation note: 1, should put aprons are socket slot, compaction with the hand. 2, when the tube should be cut short after installation, the socket end should be processed into groove shape. 3, the installation process, tube, pipe axis to be on a straight line, otherwise easy to collar ejection, affect the quality and speed of the installation. 4 interrupted, pipeline installation and laying engineering, the application of the wall will tube mouth closed, and prevent TuSha and other debris into the pipe. 5, pressure testing should be in the middle of each tube parts before proper turns the soil. Xin, Johnson is a formal, professional and reliable ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron want to know more about information, welcome to xin, Jason!
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