Ductile iron pipes installation considerations

by:XEX     2021-03-28
Nodular cast iron pipe is a kind of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life of pipelines, now there are a lot of water supply pipe using ductile iron pipes, so today we brought in hubei xin, Nicholson ductile pipe of the professional staff to explain the installation method of ductile iron pipes for us. First we have to do is clean up work, before installation to clean up our piping components, such as inside the socket, socket end, jack's feet to the white line should be smooth and not sharp. This is because if there is one sharp point, when installation may scratch aprons; After finished cleaning up, we can use some oil for lubrication, the oil evenly daub on the pin end and rubber ring. Then insert pins into the socket, and to make connection pipe or pipe fitting axis collocated, a leading chain in tube slowly taut, until GuanCheng mouth into the two white line in the middle; The pipe at the time of installation interface allows within 3 ° deflection, but if the line deflection Angle is too big, can only use multiple tubes deflection, so should be to avoid single pipe interface deflection Angle is too big, generally within 10 ° of deflection Angle can use three or four tube and do not need to use the bend. Some in the process of transportation and move discharge pipe is too rough, the collision or pin is caused by the deformation, at that time you need to cut pipe affected part, and because of the needs of the installation, sometimes need some different length of tube also need obtained by cutting, pipe cutting tools can be used to grinding wheel cutting, marking the first before cutting, to facilitate smooth incision.
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