Ductile iron pipes making technical requirements

by:XEX     2021-02-08
Ductile iron pipes before machining, the businessman shall notify party a's technical director and producers together inspection certificate, cast iron plate type, specification, size, quantity, etc. , to confirm its rear can use comply with the design standards and contract requirements. Smelting technology evaluation: after confirmed the material performance of smelting, should be in before smelting project for smelting technology evaluation by welding materials. Smelting technology evaluation should each type of material, thickness of each, each smelting position evaluation separately. Smelting technology evaluation accord with GB50236 - The relevant provisions of the 98 standard before smelting smelting technology assess the location of the project. Cutting must be removed before iron impurities, dirt and impurities, gas cutting immediately after removal of slag of area. Cast iron in the process of rolling, can not have sundry rolling pockmark, shell molding process must use standard sample inspection is greater than 800 mm in length. Docking longitudinal seam formation of edges E 0 or less. 1δ+ 2毫米( The delta for ductile iron pipe wall thickness) And no greater than 5 mm. Longitudinal counterpart in the wrong side of the weld quantity should be no more than 10% of the delta, dislocation is not more than 2 mm. Using horizontal group, French counterpart error is too large, it is strictly prohibited to set for smelting. Set for the end of the cylinder should be removed before dirt, rust, 1 - end clearance 3mm。 Girth counterpart in the wrong side of the amount of b value shall meet the following requirements: delta & lt; 6 mm, b< δ(25% The delta for wall thickness) 6毫米< When the delta 10 mm or less, b< 10%δ+1mmδ> 10 mm, b< Docking assembly, two adjacent tube section of longitudinal seam Angle is 90 °, and with the center line of the cross section of shaft according to the law of symmetry. Butt girth weld formation of edges E 0 or less. 1δ+2mm。 And no more than 5 mm. Ductile iron pipe straight degree error Δ L< 2 l / 1000 ( L: ductile iron pipe length mm) 。 Segmented in face flatness error is not more than the DN b / 1000, and is not more than 2 mm. Ductile iron pipes smelting using double-sided submerged arc automatic welding. Clean before welding groove of dirt, rust, welding parts, welding slag. Each weld shall not be broken arc, a welding, require surface must not have defects such as cracks, porosity, lack fusion, the weld residual high 1 ~ 3 mm. Welding materials used must be the same as the steel or equivalent of welding materials, welding materials after the arrival of the goods inspection certificate of the material, welding material to send inspection qualified institutions have the re-inspection, the re-inspection qualified rear can smelting. Test results accord with GB5177 carbon steel electrode, GB5188 low alloy steel welding electrode, GB1300 smelting with steel, GB8110 co2 gas shielded arc welding with welding wire, GB5293 article carbon steel submerged arc welding requirements. Makes each kind of specification, thickness of each and every batch number, different manufacturers separate detection, same specification, same batch number, the same thickness, the same manufacturer of a batch of inspection. Each root nodular cast iron tube 6 ~ 8 m. Longitudinal weld girth weld shall not be more than 3, shall not be more than 1. After molding, nodular cast iron pipe in a certain length, groove on both ends according to the on-site installation requirements, USES the V groove, removal of slag, burnish is flat and level. From the tube end 20 cm, 20 cm from longitudinal weld place should have a 10 cmx20cm long white paint box, box, production date, number, length, type and qualified tags, inform party a's representative after the acceptance of inspection, before the next working procedure. And timely fill in nodular cast iron pipe manufacture quality inspection sheet. Ductile iron pipe processing 2 meters two-way scale plate should be adopted.
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