Ductile iron pipes of 12 major technical requirements

by:XEX     2020-12-03
Specific rules requirements: 1, the chemical composition of ductile pipe phosphorus content should not be greater than zero. 30%, sulfur content should not be greater than zero. 10%. 2, should be no greater than HB210 surface hardness of continuous cast iron pipe, metal mold and the hardness of sand mould centrifugal cast iron pipe surface should be no greater than HB230. 3, air tightness test medium using compressed air. Air tightness test pressure shall be not less than 0. 3MPa( 3公斤/ mm2f) 。 4, organization, cast iron pipe should be grey cast iron, compact structure, easy cutting, drilling. 5, the surface quality of cast iron pipe inside and outside surface are not allowed to have a cold, interfere with the use of obvious defects such as fracture, dislocation, who made 6 of the thickness, the thinning of the various local defects, and shall not exceed the depth ( 2 + 0. 05T) 毫米。 Consent of the buyer, the local defects can be mended. But after repair of cast iron pipe must be conducted according to this standard to the hydrostatic test and air tightness test. 7, socket, socket seal face except meet above requirement, also can not have a continuous axial grooves and pits. 8, socket flange contour should be clear, allowing a slight defect does not affect the use. 9, coated pipe surface should be TuLi in vivo and in vitro mass or other anti-corrosion materials. If you want to use cement mortar lining or fairy surface not besmear 10, water supply with cast iron pipe coating shall be insoluble in water, may not produce odor and taste, make water harmful impurity content should comply with the who
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