Ductile iron pipes of superior performance

by:XEX     2020-11-28
Ductile iron pipes are the excellent performance of nodular cast iron pipe with its high strength, good toughness, strong ability to resist corruption, strengths, such as the assembly construction convenience has been more and more widely manipulation in village water pipe network. In recent years, with the village economy mouthpiece scope expands, the progress of water supply pipeline pipe construction quality, moral character and assembly to ensure the water supply network insurance, insurance reliability of water supply for the progress, is especially important. How much do you solution of nodular cast iron pipe tensile strength? Ductile iron pipes in the tensile, bending, hardness and delay rate, resistance to aggressive and hydraulic implement technical function are vastly superior to ash pipes and pressure pipes, in respect of resistance to decay function and manipulation of life and is superior to the steel pipe. From the ash pipes, steel pipes and ductile iron pipes mechanics function, ductile pipe tensile, compressive strength more than double that of grey cast pipe, is much better than the steel also. For ductile iron pipes used T flexible interface, good sealing and flexible, and the pipe itself has a larger delay rate, make the pipe has good flexibility, is that of buried pipeline can receive a lot of uneven settlement, reformed the pipeline and the stress of soil around. Other, causes because of the pipeline due to changes in water temperature at the interface can also may be received within a department, will not lead to interface is leaking. Prices, because a variety of technical performance and manipulation of the life of the pipe to withstand voltage difference in efficacy, therefore, did not make specific comparison, only with ash pipes made some rough comparison, nodular cast iron pipe of the unit price per ton is a lot higher than ash pipes, but the nodular cast iron pipe wall is thin, and the pipe diameter and the wall thickness difference gray cast. According to preliminary statistics, pipe diameter under DN200mm ductile iron pipes, the ductile iron pipe price is higher than that of grey cast pipe, and the diameter is smaller, the more higher than the price, pipe diameter above DN300mm, ductile iron pipe prices close to or even lower than the ash pipes, and pipe diameter is larger, the low price. Other, because delay rate of the ductile iron pipe is bigger, and grey cast tube delay rate is zero, transportation, loading and unloading process, the ash pipes of crushing rate is higher than that of ductile iron pipes, and pressure pipe crushing rate is higher. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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