Ductile iron pipes on test steps are as follows

by:XEX     2021-03-23
Ductile iron pipes on test steps are as follows: ( 1) Ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe test before all pipe at the top, in addition to the interface position with the filling compaction soil thickness shall not be less than 50 cm, all dead I use blind flange plate plugging, on both sides of main welding steel pipe reserved in advance, for the exhaust, downstream of mouth. ( 2) After using blind flange plate plugging, main line each side of the blind plate after jack ( Subject to calculate and determine the number and tonnage) Directly to the blind flange, jack in the back seat for the double row sleepers, sleeper is back after compaction of lime soil and undisturbed soil. ( 3) Hydrostatic test after completion of the pipe of water by the water pump from the most convenient fire plug valve, exhaust valve or valve discharge. ( 4) Vent to choose the very top of the pipeline, on the blind flange plate welding a piece of steel tube, twin ball valve connection as the vent; The flange joints of lower inlet didn't put in the pipes. The mouth is also installed in the pipeline on the low side of the main flange joints. ( 5) Pump selection pressure electric pump or manual pump, pressure gauge installed in a crackdown on tee, between pipeline and suppression of machine set gate, is used to control the pressure. ( 6) Pipe ends seal slowly after water injection, gas through the exhaust valve to the pipe at the same time. The middle part of the flange plate after being water overflow installation, seal checks after filled with water. ( 7) 48 hours before pressure testing pipe filled with water. ( 8) Pressurized with electric pump slow grading booster, is divided into 3. 5; 5; 7. 5; 10 four pressure section, to test pressure, 10 pressure) After stop pressure, maintain a constant 10 minutes, to observe the joint parts whether there is water seepage phenomenon, pipeline strength test for qualified. ( 9) The pressure drop 0 voltage regulator, less than half an hour. Within 5 mp, leak test qualified. ( 10) End of the test, must be the original record and sign nodular cast iron pipe down test also should pay attention to the following: 1. Ductile pipe installation for water pressure test should be a unified command, a clear division of labor, on the back, piers, interfaces, such as exhaust valve should be stipulated the specialist is responsible for inspection, and found that the problem of contact signal are clearly defined. 2. Ductile pipe interface is completed, with short GuanJia, short tube b and blind flange will be closed, the pressure on both ends of the section and tee filling in addition to the interface to test ductile pipe section pipe roof above 50 cm and compaction. Well back, valve, tee pipe reinforcement, etc. By low water, high exhaust, filled with water after soaking after 24 hours, under the pressure test for 10 min buck is not greater than zero. 5 mpa, is qualified. 3. Hydraulic experiment should gradually booster, each step up to 0. After every time it is advisable to 2 mpa, booster, voltage stability check continue to step up when there is no problem. 4. Winter for hydraulic antifreezing measures should be taken. Ductile pipe backfill soil can be appropriately heightening, exposed interface package tightly with the multilayer hulls, In series water and test the temporary line insulation wrapped package, when you don't water emptying in time. 5. When the water pressure experiment, back and support, tube end near, shall not stand, check should be performed when stop booster ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/) 。
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