Ductile iron pipes performance requirements

by:XEX     2021-03-23
1. The surface quality. Ductile iron pipe fittings and surface must be smooth, can not have crack, at the cold, the wrong box, interfere with the use of obvious defects. Allow make wall thickness thinning of local defects, but not more than (depth 2 + 0. 05年t) Mm, including t for pipe wall thickness. 2. Ductile iron pipe flange spare outline clear, there is no influence of casting defects. 3. Subject to consent by the buyer, to does not affect the use of local defect repair, after repair of pipe fittings must be hydraulic or air tightness test. 4 coating. Ductile iron pipe fittings of top and bottom surface can be coated grid asphalt or other anti-corrosion materials. If you have special requirements, shall be fixed with supply and demand both sides talks things over. 5. Ductile cast iron pipe fittings for water supply, sanitation should be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the health sector. 6. After coating, pipe should be cleaned up and down. After brushing, top and bottom surface should be smooth, clean, besmear brushs even and firm, not affected by the impact of climate change.
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