Ductile iron pipes pipe hydrostatic pressure testing problems should be paid attention to

by:XEX     2020-11-27
Ductile pipe industry in China started in the early 1990 s, under the support of China's urban water supply association development rapidly, after nearly 20 years of practical use, its security, practical it has been generally recognized by the water supply industry, domestic has an annual capacity of 2. 2 million tons in 2008, was 11 times in 1990. Ductile iron pipes after the installation, should make pipeline hydraulic pressure test, shall meet the following requirements: test ductile iron line shall be after all the backfill pressure testing, to ensure the safety of pressure testing, to prevent the pipe shaft displacement. If installed parts have special requirements, the individual can set aside the interface not backfill, or to check the position of the socket interface, but play to fully backfilling among a certain height, to prevent the pipe shaft water stress deviation. Ductile pipe in the pipe elbow, tee and so on need to do the part of the concrete piers by piers to drawing requirements, and in the strength of concrete curing before they reach a certain design strength test. If is cement lining of nodular cast iron pipe need water soaking up to 24 hours rear can start testing, cement mortar lining itself has certain water imbibition, direct pressure may cause intermittent decompression. Test of nodular cast iron pipe line all valves must be open, in the pressure test, are not allowed to do boards with gate valve, shall be made for the blind flange on both ends to do boards, and the wall board position with concrete or jack as back of a chair ( According to the thrust tonnage configuration) 。 In the process of ductile cast iron pipe line water booster, must open the pipe of exhaust valve, with the gases in the piping should be free of closed again after, exhaust valve must be installed to the top of the line, in the process of the booster, whose hands swing when found that pressure is bigger, instability, should be to open the exhaust valve, such as the air after the row of 10% according to the pressure booster step by step. In the hydraulic pressure test, pipeline at both ends are strictly forbidden to stand; To prevent stress, causing boards.
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