Ductile iron pipes pipe jacking technology has been successfully used

by:XEX     2021-02-01
Without digging ditches, through the jacking device put into the construction technology of underground pipeline segment, to ensure the consistency of the entire pipeline material, is a kind of clean and efficient construction technology. Southwest evalution of urban and rural drinking water project is a large-scale water project in ningxia. In July, 1. 3 million people in southwest ningxia security drinking water project construction plan completely. The 74 project. The construction period of 394 km, only 2 months. Nodular cast iron tubes due to the demolition difficult, many pipeline must be through the residential areas, roads and other trenchless sections. In the understanding of the project, emerging cast iron pipe co. , LTD. , with design, construction and other departments launched a sufficient technical exchanges, and in the northwest region for the first time use nodular cast iron pipe pipe jacking technology, new overcame many difficult problem of drilling construction.
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