Ductile iron pipes project - - Pipeline foundation construction

by:XEX     2021-03-25
This project pipeline in nodular cast iron pipe, steel pipe. When the pipeline construction should pay attention to the following requirements. ( 1) Underlying soil should be no mud and rubble, the bottom of the channel should be no water. The elevation of foundation construction must review before elevation model at the bottom of the grooves at intervals of about 4 m nail a template, and sample feet check pile top elevation, to dig digging face, cushion layer and the surface of the base. ( 2) To do a good job of gutter drainage, trim the bottom of the channel, the unilateral drain, a sump for drainage. ( 3) According to the soil conditions on the location of pipe fittings site, choose size piers casting C20 concrete piers, piers on the back should be without the disturbance of the undisturbed soil, disturbance should be done if the corresponding reinforcement. In the groove bottom, such as soil quality is poorer, according to the site soil condition, only use processing of bored piles, the pile diameter for Ф 600, depth is 6 meters.
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