Ductile iron pipes running cost analysis

by:XEX     2020-11-27
My company production of nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe in strict accordance with the relevant national standard, the service life of up to 60 years, is made of ductile cast iron and nodular cast iron pipe itself, antioxidant ability is stronger, play and anti-corrosive paint spraying zinc and double coated, and has been buried for a long time not contact with oxygen, basically no oxidation problems; Second, at the beginning of the line after the installation is complete and test run normally, because of the connection mode is socket into type flexible connection, acceptable deflection Angle and the seismic performance is stronger, and the interface has a rubber sealing ring seal way, guarantee during the running of the pipeline without outside interference connection tightness and ensure the sealing of interfaces, and interface sealing aprons the greater the pressure the better sealing performance; Fully guarantee the safety of pipeline operation. Thus to ensure pipeline operation cost of the late in the spare parts, anticorrosive processing, breakage and leakage repair operation and basic maintenance project cost is close to zero. More details, please view the company's website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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