Ductile iron pipes tender and technical requirements

by:XEX     2021-03-21
Serial number class don't tender specifications and technical requirements of material quality nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron: the material of ductile iron pipe should be in the ferritic nodular cast iron, in the organization should have a certain amount of spheroidal graphite. Manufacturing standards GB/T13295 - 2003 'water and gas pipeline in ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories, or ISO2531 - 1998 ( E) 'Pressure piping with ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings, accessories and joint specifications DN600mm 6 meters in length, wall thickness. 9 mm, T interface K9 grade surface quality of ductile iron pipe surface is smooth, should not have any enough to hinder its use. Straightness when casting pipe spacing is about two-thirds of the length on two bench calibration, rolling the straightness deviation Tm (largest mm) No greater than the effective length of 1. 25 times, that is, the Tm 1 or less. 25 l。 Cast iron end face and vertical axis. Mechanical properties of brinell hardness: 230 hb or less tensile strength: 420 mpa or higher elongation: 10% or higher yield strength: PR0. 2 p 300 mpa coating metal zinc coating: coating material: zinc content of 99% or more metal zinc; Metal zinc coating by thermal spraying method; Metal zinc layer weight of 130 g/m2 or in any area of zinc layer weight minimum value of 110 g/m2; Metal zinc layer must cover the pipe outside surface and can not have exposed scabbing or defects such as zinc deficiency. When the zinc layer reaches the above ( 3) Requirements under the premise of allowing spiral surface appearance. Asphalt coating ( Do the metal zinc coating paint) : coating and packing: in accordance with GB/T17459 - Requirements of the '1998' ductile iron asphalt coating; Coating thickness: 10 times test average acuity 0. 07mm; Coating vertical chi test: should not be seen hanging chi trend; GB/T17456 - coating test: execution 1998 standard. Internal coating coating material: using nodular cast iron tube centrifugation cement mortar lining layer. The use of cement, sand, water and the ratio of mortar shall conform to the ISO4179 the pressure pipeline and pressure pipeline with nodular cast iron - General requirements of centrifugal cement mortar lining; Technology: using centrifugation water slurry in pipe wall, mortar should be without any holes or obvious bubbles, the granularity of sand from the wall to the surface from coarse to fine course arrangement; : lining thickness should comply with the ISO4179 pressure pipeline and pressure pipeline with nodular cast iron - General requirements of centrifugal cement mortar lining; Lined with smooth surface, no peel, nor make corrugated lining thickness is reduced to less than 5 mm; Coating testing: performing ISO4179 pressure pipeline and pressure pipeline with nodular cast iron - The general requirement of centrifugal cement mortar lining. Water pressure in the pilot plant for water pressure test by the root, and strictly enforce GB13295 - 91 standard. Hydrostatic test pressure is greater than or equal to 2. 05Mpa。 In the factory the hydrostatic test before coating outside anti-corrosion, keep straight pipe outside surface drying before the test. The holding more than 10 seconds without leakage phenomenon of sweating, or other damage.
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