Ductile iron pipes - - The importance of zinc layer anticorrosion

by:XEX     2021-03-11
Ductile iron pipes - - Zinc anticorrosion of the importance of zinc layer on the anticorrosive performance plays a very important role: on the one hand, the formation of the density of insoluble protective film attached on the wall, can greatly reduce the electrochemical corrosion and microbe; Metal zinc, on the other hand, also has the impact of the plastic deformation ability, strengthen the protection of pipelines. Zinc + asphalt anticorrosive ability also reflect on the mutual effect of the two: between zinc and iron and zinc and asphalt has good adhesiveness, pipe with the outside world built a complete protection barrier, and prevent corrosion failure. Zinc can also through the medium of asphalt, prompted the change of zinc salt and self healing of migration, to further expand the protection ability, makes possible trauma repair in time. So the combination of zinc and asphalt produced perfect protection, both be short of one cannot. With asphalt plastic material only outside anti-corrosion of nodular cast iron pipe, in the process of corrosion protection by the stress imposed by the surrounding soil and the influence of temperature change, easy to produce irregular crack penetrates the anticorrosive coating, corrosion failure. In the trauma due to lack of zinc layer unique self healing, basic lost due protection of pipeline corrosion.
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