Ductile iron pipes - - The well chamber and the construction of the piers

by:XEX     2020-12-19
Ductile iron pipes - - The well chamber and the construction of the piers ( 1) Piers of pipe and pipe accessories piers should be in accordance with the requirements of design and the water supply and drainage standard atlas of 03 ss505, the water supply and drainage pipeline engineering construction and acceptance standard '( GB50268- 2008). The construction. Piers should be built on solid foundations. When no undisturbed soil to do the back wall, measures should be taken to ensure the piers under the action of a force, not dent pipeline interface. Piers should be done in pipeline interface, pipeline position fixed after construction. ( 2) The well chamber ( Cast-in-situ) Cast-in-situ well chamber construction should according to the design drawing before taking positions, and confirmed by the supervision engineer, according to the design elevation and size of construction. The well chamber ballast, steel, concrete and other materials used must be field sampling through laboratory testing of qualified rear can put into use. Manhole covers using the adjusted according to the requirements of municipal settlement nodular cast iron manhole covers, to take the necessary protective measures of installed equipment. The well chamber construction deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of the table below. The well chamber allows projects allow deviation ( mm) Well bore size length and width of 20 mm diameter plus or minus 20 covers and road surface elevation difference off-street + 5 + 20 pavement bottom elevation D 1000 + 10 or less D & gt; 1000±15( 3) The well chamber ( Prefabricated) The road location according to the requirements by using the well chamber. Prefabricated well chamber procurement must conform to the requirements of the atlas and specification, to do three certificates complete, the inspection and approval by party a before admission. Determine the well location and elevation according to drawing, make concrete cushion layer, according to the positioning line installation of prefabricated the well chamber.
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