Ductile iron repair welding arc

by:XEX     2020-12-21
Ductile iron arc arc repair welding repair welding nodular cast iron with homogeneous and heterogeneous electrode, homogeneous core welding wire and steel core and the casting. Heterogeneous nickel-based welding wire electrode is used ( Z408) And high vanadium electrode, can also be used for important part of the low carbon steel electrode, such as J506, J422. Ductile iron is usually applied to the more important occasions, using homogeneous electrode welding should guarantee weld spheroidizing, mechanical performance at the specified index, should try to reduce chilling tendency, improve crack resistance. ( 1) Z238 electrode arc welding heat. Z238 electrode for welding low carbon steel core, covering the china-canada goal and graphitization agent, agent under certain technological conditions, the weld of graphite can be, will be able to get good mechanical properties. Because the arc temperature is higher, spheroidizing element oxide, evaporation, bring to the stability of the weld spheroidizing is difficult, mechanical performance is difficult to achieve. Using Z238 electrode, chilling tendency is bigger, therefore, usually for 400 ~ 700 ℃ preheat, when welding the necessary to be annealing or normalizing treatment after welding. ( 2) Steel reinforced graphite spheroidizing general cast iron welding rod repair welding. The type electrode adopts the steel core, coated with inoculants deoxidizing elements, and a small amount of spheroidizing agent. This electrode is not sensitive to water, air, such as rust, spheroidizing high stability, low chilling tendency, weld plastic and crack resistance are better. For small rigid parts, can use cold welding repair welding technology of long weld or larger area, but the rigid larger part should be preheated or should adopt heating reduction zone method, the mechanical properties of weld is good. Joint after normalizing, about 650 mpa tensile strength, elongation rate is about 5%. Joint after annealing tensile strength generally greater than 420 mpa, the elongation is more than 10%, the highest can amount to 20% above. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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