Ductile iron - - The nucleation effect of rare earth

by:XEX     2021-04-01
Ductile iron - - Rare earth nucleation effect of the chemical composition of ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron is no national standard, only the recommended value of chemical composition, the major indexes of the ductile cast iron is not chemical composition, many indicators, is the main organization: spheroidizing ratio, number of cementite and ferrite, ball diameter and so on. Physical indicators: tensile strength, elongation and so on rare earths can provide more crystal nucleus, but it is compared with the FeSi inoculation of crystal nucleus composition is different; Rare earth can make the original ( Exists in liquid iron in) No activation of the crystal nucleus to grow up, as a result, the total number of crystal nucleus in the iron liquid, since the 1960 s of the research shows that the nucleating agent can make the iron liquid containing cerium increase the count in the midterm, the final group contain more chilling tendency of graphite ball and smaller. The research also suggests that nucleating agent containing rare earth can improve the breeding effect of nodular cast iron and significantly improve the ability of resistance to recession. In rare earth can make the graphite ball and the reason for the increase of the number can boil down to:
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