Ductile pipe air tightness test methods

by:XEX     2020-12-30
Ductile pipe air tightness test method of air tightness test is ductile yield and essential working procedure, in use process is to guarantee the product quality, production safety of the main process of gas leak check including toxic gas leak check, flammable gas leakage inspection and air tightness inspection. Most of the two can be checked by the method of chemical sensors, usually in the process of component or system used for inspection. If you have suitable sensors, the method is relatively short. See more in the project implementation of the method, we usually adopt the following methods for nodular cast iron pipe seal check: common methods of air tightness inspection has bubbles, daub method, chemical tracer gas leak detection method, the stress change method, flow method, ultrasonic method and so on. System check leakage method choose bubbles and apply more. Bubble is the artifacts into the water, filling the compressed air, and then in a certain period of time to collect from leaking to detect leak amount of bubbles. Daub method is a certain pressure is filled in the internal surface of workpiece with soap and water kind of liquid is used as a bubble, bubble situation investigation attack to check leak amount of intrusive.
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