- ductile pipe anti-corrosion layer - Cement lining

by:XEX     2021-01-03
- ductile pipe anti-corrosion layer - Cement lining anticorrosive layer - ductile pipe - Spraying zinc xin, companies in order to solve the corrosion of the nodular cast iron pipe, invested heavily after years of repeated experiments of many kinds of materials, finally found a cheap and fine anticorrosive materials can be applied to practice situation - — Zinc. Ductile iron pipes spraying zinc layer can through electrochemical effect of zinc and iron pipes to play an active maintenance effect. Each xin, Nicholson nodular cast iron pipe outside appearance with world advanced high-pressure efi technology, spraying zinc minimum not less than 130 g/m2, fit ISO8179 specification. Low damage self-healing effect of spraying zinc layer a primary characteristic of the layer can be active at damage repair maintenance, in order to maintain the maintenance layer intact. Zinc ions after sealing the pores ( The bituminous paint coating) Migration to the damage to fill the wound and be safe no dissolution of zinc chloride. Low constitute a safe maintenance in touch with the soil layer in the process, metal zinc moves slowly become a rigorous, adhesion, succession of zinc salt layer. The outer bituminous paint coatings ( Sealing the pores) Like film are the same, turn not be dissolved zinc zinc salt instead of soluble zinc hydroxide. Ductile iron pipe product function - — Nodular cast iron pipe coating in xin, Nicholson ductile cast iron pipe internal selection is centrifugal spraying zinc coating of cement mortar layer. The maintaining layer is excellent and strict inspection of cement raw materials, after France imported computer control in the cement slurry mixing system and computer control, tu coater. Cement lining ISO4179 fit the specifications, quality assurance mortar density of strong adhesion, lubrication, cast iron appearance function good, do not fall, do not scale, and uniform thickness, ensure every inch pipe internally are considerate maintenance.
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