Ductile pipe business strength testing method

by:XEX     2021-01-03
Large and medium cities of the ductile iron pipes merchants selection method of water supply enterprises pay at least a year tens of millions of pipes, so should have one or two technical experts, they have to be very familiar with the technical requirements of the ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and aprons and performance, inspection should be ready for some necessary technical documentation, including: product standards, suppliers in the book of tender, telephone records, the quality control chart - — Must provide the supplier and the supplier's product samples and complete the questionnaire list, including the purchaser most concerned about some points. Telephone interviews to understand and master some technical details, it is necessary according to the prepared questionnaire listing a regular telephone, and the results will be recorded, signed, archive, and cannot be changed. When you are on a visit to suppliers, different people may give you different answers, all these files should be in the future. Factory inspection in the purchase of water supply enterprises, tend to put forward to factory inspection, to have a general knowledge of supplier production and processing, and grasp the real information, they demand this way should be the manufacturer affirmation and encouragement. But this kind of behavior should be 'dismount to pick a flower', and should not be 'tour'. Inspection personnel shall hold a clear technical requirements to achieve the target. Of the component members should include: the technical staff with product knowledge, he should be for the product quality control system and technical performance have enough understanding of the product. Design and construction technical personnel, they should assist the construction unit for the actual design problems often encountered in installation process consulting, and provide their own insights. Veteran, he should be focused on the overall management level of the supplier. It is very important to grasp the enterprise the management system, a poorly managed companies couldn't produce a quality product. Through the above personnel combination, can guarantee to examine from the Angle of professional supplier of production and operation management level. At the same time also reflect degree of serious and professional buyer. Inspection, inspection advice from the following aspects: 1) The overall impression of vendor. 2) Production equipment and working environment, we should update the old equipment, reduce the manual operation. Work should be neat, tools should be piled up and orderly environment. 3) Personnel quality, workers and technical personnel shall carry out regular training, has a strong operating experience. 4) Quality control system, can inspect system main control points, to check whether the system is complete and reliable. 5) Original records, according to the prior inspection rules, step by step tracking check, such as pipe, the credibility of data and integrity ( The manufacturer of the production records shall be continuous, complete) 。 6) Internal and external coating records, check the data sources and accuracy, and can flip through a production record over the past year. 7) Establishment of observation data in the archives system, in order to make the observation data of the sorting system as far as possible avoid man-made interference, computer processing is a better choice. 8) The processing of waste is a serious problem. How to deal with the waste? Is there a special warehouse to pile up? To prevent individual ductile pipe factory because of the price competition and product cost control, the pressure of a waste as finished product. 9) Storage, if will be orderly management products, products in the warehouse should have strict rules and regulations, such ability can get better protection products.
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