Ductile pipe conversion

by:XEX     2020-12-31
Ductile pipe scale ductile short GuanJia tube is also known as disk bearing short tube, b tube, also known as short tube plate, plate bearing short tube and plate short tube is ductile iron pipe pipe with pipe fitting. Plate bearing spool refers to a flange interface, the other a head is the socket; Short tube plate is refers to a flange interface, the other is the pin. These two kinds of pipe fittings are normally used for ductile iron pipeline control valves, joint ductile iron GuanCheng socket becomes a flange, docking with the gate valve or butterfly valve with, or to change the way of pipeline joints, have the effect of transformation way of joint interface is weight model nodular cast iron pipe DN100 95 nodular cast iron pipe 6 144 nodular cast iron pipe DN200 194 nodular cast iron pipe 12 323 nodular cast iron pipe DN400 482 nodular cast iron pipe DN500 669 nodular cast iron pipe DN600 882 nodular cast iron pipe DN700 1123 DN800 nodular cast iron tube length is 1394 length 6 m hope I can help to you of nodular cast iron pipe is 6300 yuan per ton how to figure out how much money per meter? According to what you ask price, estimation is DN100 specifications, there is a conversion formula: price / 6 * standard pipe weight is rice, for example: 6300 divided by 6 times 0. 095 is equal to 99. 75 yuan/m ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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