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by:XEX     2021-01-03
Ductile iron pipe product performance - — Ductile iron pipe coating in xin, Nicholson ductile cast iron pipe internal USES is the centrifugal spraying zinc coating of the protective layer of cement mortar. The coating quality and strict inspection of cement raw materials, through France imported computer control within the cement slurry mixing system and computer control, tu coater. Cement lining quality in line with international standards ISO4179, ensure the slurry is very solid dense, smooth, good performance of surface of cast iron, do not fall off, do not scale, and uniform thickness, to ensure that every inch pipe internally are meticulous protection. - ductile pipe outside anti-corrosion layer - Spraying zinc xin, companies in order to solve the corrosion problem of the nodular cast iron pipe, invested heavily after many years of many kinds of materials of trial and error, finally found a cheap and fine can anticorrosive materials for conventional conditions - — Zinc. Ductile iron pipes sprayed zinc layer can through the role of the electrochemical zinc with the iron pipe to play an active protection. Each xin, Nicholson nodular cast iron pipe outside surface adopt international advanced high-pressure efi technology, spraying zinc minimum not less than 130 g/m2, ISO8179 standard. Low form stable protective layer in the process of contact with the soil, the metal zinc has slowly evolved gradually into a tight, adhesion, continuous zinc salt layer. The outer bituminous paint coatings ( Sealing the pores) Like film, which changes the zinc to insoluble zinc salt instead of soluble zinc hydroxide. Low damage self-healing effect of spraying is one of the main characteristics of the zinc layer can repair the layer automatically in lesions, in order to protect the protective layer of integrity. Zinc ions by sealing the pores ( The bituminous paint coating) Migrate to the injury to fill the wound the insoluble zinc chloride and becomes stable.
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