Ductile pipe - - Corrosion resistance

by:XEX     2021-02-16
Ductile pipe corrosion resistant performance is good, long service life of the ductile pipe corrosion resistance mainly depends on two aspects: one is that the microstructure of spheroidal graphite particle form an inert protective layer, become a barrier to prevent further inward corrosion, thereby significantly slow down the speed of chemical corrosion, second, the interface sealing rubber ring seals, it have the effect of the insulator between tube and tube, prevent the formation of long current, make the corrosion phenomenon is greatly reduced. Due to the improvement of corrosion resistance, also prolongs the service life that ball iron pipe to 50 to 100 years. 1) Nodular cast iron tube body in seawater corrosion resistance: immersed in seawater and mechanical agitation, the corrosion rate of steel tube is 2 times of ductile iron pipes, ductile iron pipes as time is reduced, the extension of the corrosion rate and steel tube does not exist this kind of situation. 3) Ductile iron pipe anticorrosion measures: pipe buried in the soil first is affected by the soil physical and chemical properties, soil physical and chemical properties including soil property, soil category, specific resistance, water content, PH value, plant roots, stray current and interference current and microbial breeding, etc. From corrosion mechanism on the anticorrosion coating anticorrosive coating can be divided into enthusiasm and passivity anticorrosive coating. Enthusiasm anticorrosion coating principle can be divided into two kinds: first, change its protection on the surface of the electrode potential, such as cement mortar coating can increase the metal surface electrode potential is not easy to corrode the passivation; Second, the potential to reduce coating to make it less than the pipe metal surface and achieve the purpose of protection of metal surface ( Sacrificial anode) ; Passive corrosion is isolated from the rest of the metal and its corrosion environment, corrosion effect depends on the electric insulation performance of the protective material and water tightness. Ball iron pipe when the products leave the factory, ready to anti-corrosion coating, the traditional anticorrosion technology including the ball iron pipe outside surface spray metal zinc and bitumen coating. Spraying zinc and asphalt protection layer has the anticorrosion mechanism of the two complement each other. First, the zinc layer of the surface of the uniform corrosion in the pipes to form stable layer of zinc salt, even after the metal zinc consumption completely, zinc salt layer could also provide the pipe surface long effective protection; Second, the electrochemical reaction between zinc and iron to produce the current make the damaged coating produces self-healing function. When construction, no longer have to do extra corrosion, can be installed directly. In addition, according to the different requirements of users, providing different internal and external coating, such as coating, zinc + epoxy anticorrosive paint coating, polyethylene, polyethylene coated pipe, polyurethane coating, zinc + aluminium powder bituminous paint, zinc + cold wind belt, zinc aluminum alloy + epoxy resin coating, with thermal insulation, etc; Internal coating: coating cement mortar lining, cement mortar lining + cover, polyurethane, epoxy resin lining, lined with epoxy ceramic lining, etc.
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