Ductile pipe corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance than cast steel

by:XEX     2020-10-28
Due to the fitting its weight is lighter, when installed using single wire rope, easy to make the fitting direction deflection, cause the rubber ring is crowded, cannot be installed. So, can adopt the method of double chain parallel pipe parallel installations, aprons from being squeezed. Also can use longer fitting way, with a single wire for installation. Check the position of the socket socket is in line with the requirements ( Clearance check into the socket with steel ruler of synthetic position correctly in place) 。 The strength of the nodular cast iron and cast steel strength is comparable. Ductile pipe has higher yield strength, yield strength minimum of 40 k, and cast steel yield strength only 36 k on mechanical properties of the comprehensive comparison) 。 In most municipal application fields, such as: water, salt water, steam, etc. , ductile pipe corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance than cast steel. Because of the spheroidal graphite microstructure ductile pipe, in terms of ability to weaken vibration, ductile cast iron is better than that of cast steel, thus more conducive to reducing stress. In rare earth magnesium magnesium), or in combination with a golden ball, agents to join before pouring molten iron, the graphite spheroidizing, reduce stress concentration, the pipe material has high strength, elongation and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc is ductile iron pipe; Use cement mortar lining, improve the water environment, improve the ability of water supply pipeline, reduce the energy consumption; Nozzle using the flexible interface, and the pipe itself has a larger elongation (> 10%) , so that the pipe has good flexibility, in buried pipeline and soil around the pipeline work, improve the stress of pipeline, so as to improve the reliability of the network operation. Therefore, the water supply industry in our country usually adopt nodular cast iron pipe material as a supervisor. The strength of the nodular cast iron and cast steel strength is comparable. Ductile pipe 'T' type, like aprons after the installation in the inner surface of synthetic brush a layer of lubricant film to help push a socket. The elongation is greatly better than the grey cast iron pipe, close to steel tube, after corrosion treatment, 3 - use steel tube 5 times, centrifugal ductile pipe installation is convenient, simple, suitable for the construction of all kinds of terrain and climate. By making and grey cast iron pipe, ductile pipe steel pipe technology performance comparison, show the advantage in ink cast iron pipe in engineering application. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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