Ductile pipe design and installation

by:XEX     2020-12-29
One, the design requirements of ductile pipe 1, buried depth of pipe should be according to the degree of freezing, external load and other factors such as pipeline crossing. In general, buried depth below the frost line 0. 2 meters, and in accordance with the following conditions: when the pipe diameter greater than 100 mm, tube top minimum buried deeply 1. 20 meters. 2, design normally groove bottom width and tube diameter 0. 5 meters, and according to the soil condition, to determine the excavation slope ( i) , draw the groove section. 3, ductile iron pipes and other pipes, uniform flow of frictional head loss for hf = lambda/dv2/2 g, the difference is only 'lambda' ( Hydraulic friction coefficient) , the head loss can be calculated on the original cast iron pipe and local resistance loss. In the design, when the water velocity mutation is expected to make changes when possible, should consider the water hammer pressure, can be calculated according to the relevant formula of the hydraulics. Two, ductile pipe installation requirements 1, before construction, the pipe material, pipe fittings, rubber ring and do a visual inspection, found a problem cannot be used. 2, piping installation generally adopts sliding type 'T' type interface, as long as pin can be inserted into the socket in place. Construction practice proves that this kind of interface has reliable sealing, good shock resistance and corrosion resistance; The operation is simple, installation technology easy to master; Improve the working conditions. Is a form of good interface. Installer: clean socket socket to clean up the aprons, aprons and the tube ( Exhaust pipe) To brush on the socket appearance and aprons lubricant, pusher tube inserted into the socket - inspection. 3, installation points: (1), cleaning nozzle: will all debris removal within the socket is swabbed clean. (2), clean aprons, aprons, put the aprons on the adhesion of clear clean, bend the aprons as 'plum blossom shape' or '8' figure into the socket, groove along the entire aprons with the hand press it again, or use a rubber mallet tamp, ensure that each part of synthetic don't become warped twisting, evenly card in the slot. (3), besmear brushs lubricant on the external surface of the pin and aprons: install good lubricant besmear equably in socket inner surface, surface coating outside the socket of synthetic lubricant when port outside line interface to all brush divide evenly. (4), the tube, pipe should be according to the requirement of the pipe under the next to drain, usually using artificial pipe under the law or mechanical method. (5), the installation of machines and equipment: equipment installed, the prepared machine installation parts don't have clear tubes when pollution again. 6, pusher tube to insert the socket: when installed, in order to insert the pin into more energy, smooth in the socket. Port into the socket and the interface of the pressure in the socket of aprons, connect the wire rope and chain, for tension chain; At the same time, let a person can be in GuanCheng swung hard pipe mouth end, until all the pins inserted into the socket in place, between socket and the socket should stay about 2 mm gap, and ensure the socket around outside along the distance to the aprons. All landowners, pipe installation: due to the fitting its weight is lighter, when installed using single wire rope, easy to make the fitting direction deflection, cause the rubber ring is crowded, cannot be installed. So, can adopt the method of double chain parallel pipe parallel installations, aprons from being squeezed. Also can use longer fitting way, with a single wire for installation. Today, check: check the position of the socket outlets is in line with the requirements ( Clearance check into the socket with steel ruler of synthetic position correctly in place) 。
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