Ductile pipe - - Ductile iron casting process characteristics

by:XEX     2021-02-15
Because of QT and HT were significantly different casting properties and solidification characteristics, according to these characteristics, only to make QT casting process, to obtain sound casting. ( 1) The rational use of riser and chill, can effectively reduce the generation of porosity shrinkage defects. ( 2) To improve mould rigidity and the scheme of proportional solidification process of nodular cast iron can be accomplished without riser casting, reduce shrinkage cavity and shrinkage; But must pay attention to mold exhaust, control of molding sand moisture, prevent industry casting produces the 'choke'. ( 3) Gating system design should be able to guarantee the smooth of iron liquid filling, and have good slag, in case of QT slag and subcutaneous blowhole defects. Of ductile iron casting temperature was lower than those of gray cast iron, the general in order to prevent cold and misrun, must adopt casting speed faster, and pouring system section proportion shall ensure that there is a certain buffer role, both at home and abroad with horizontal straight>> F F F or F cross
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