Ductile pipe - - Ductile iron development and application

by:XEX     2021-02-15
Ductile pipe - - Ductile iron development and application in 1947, the British H. Morrogh in the laboratory using Ce iron liquid and spheroidal graphite, and in 1948 announced on the American society of foundry engineers, as the inventor of the ductile iron. Since 1948, when the americans A. P。 Gangnebin with magnesium as nodularizer added to molten iron, then used ferrosilicon since the nodular cast iron, ductile cast iron is a new engineering material developed quickly from now on, competing USES. Professor in 1950, our country Wang Zunming success application of ductile iron in northeast China, by the year 1951 will be applied to ductile cast iron production. In some of the major industrial countries, their production can pass that of the one hundred - year - old cast iron and malleable cast iron, is second only to the ordinary gray cast iron casting engineering materials. Nodular cast iron can be used to manufacture all kinds of complex loading, requiring higher strength, toughness, wear resistance and other parts, such as crankshaft, cast pipe, gear, machine tools, etc. Each year, according to data of the material in the engineering application of growth rate is 15%.
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