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Ductile pipe fittings

by:XEX     2021-01-04
Epc ( EPC) Technological advantages, casting precision casting size l shape precision, surface roughness is high, has the characteristics of precision casting, high product quality disappeared in 2 die casting is a precision casting technology, casting dimension accuracy and surface finish is far higher than that of sand mold casting, the model does not need to open side parting, castings without flash burr; Due to negative pressure feeding capability is strong, the casting internal organization density, water the risk system handle can make the castings without shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity. Lost pipe fittings pipe fittings produced by epc process. We usually use fitting on anticorrosive processing, cement lining is used as the anticorrosion. Epc ( Also known as the real mold casting) Is foam model instead of metal or wood pattern, appearance is not removed after modelling, assumes the entity cavity, namely a foam model similar to the casting shape completely retained within the mold, the formation of 'real' type casting, rather than traditional sand mold cavity mould, when pouring liquid metal, foam model under the action of high temperature metal liquid continuous decomposition of gasification, the metal - — Model of the displacement process, as opposed to the traditional 'empty' type casting is a liquid metal filling process; Gasification final shape castings. The international EPC process.
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