Ductile pipe, glass steel pipe seepage control and ability to resist water hammer

by:XEX     2021-02-14
Ductile pipe, glass steel pipe seepage control and ability to resist water hammer in addition, nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron tube 4 - commonly 6 m, and a piece of glass steel pipe length of 12 meters, thus reduced glass steel tube than the ductile cast iron pipe joint, which in turn reduces the chance of pipe joint leakage. Because the sand glass steel pipe has high strength and good ductility, not because the water hammer effect and instantaneous overpressure. Ductile iron pipes in connection is impossible as glass steel pipe in tapping, therefore the reliability of the joint sealing than glass steel pipe. Glass steel tube adopts double loop rubber o-ring seal socket connection, in joint suppression test, 100% when installation to ensure joint sealing performance l00 % is qualified. In addition, because of the glass fiber reinforced plastic is a kind of high density of composite material, not only would the play away by the water penetration ( Go to a sewage of extravasation effect of farmland) , but also can't explain permeability (outside Such as sewer pipe external to the seepage water quality will affect the tube) 。
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